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and i'm looking forward to working with you in the state house again and changing maryland for the better. >> i'm first generation in this country. my parents came over from ireland in the 1950s and they had nothing. my father had $10 in his pocket. got married at ages 24 and moved to maryland and lived there and started having a family. a working mother. we started going down the wrong path right away. we need to pull back on that and bob ehrlich is the right person, with his idea of taking back that sales tax increase, for making maryland open for business again, for putting marylanders back to work. >> o'malley's campaign released a statement welcoming her to the race. this election will ultimately be about which candidate puts the interest of maryland's working families ahead of special interest and who is on the side of working families. ehrlich will appear with kane this morning, then at 2:00 will visit a charter school together in baltimore. >>> george owings has withdrawn from the race because he is recovering from surgery. owings posted his announcement last night
maryland's most powerful doppler radar. let's go to the mta, here is mark jones. >> out there for your commute, the number 36 bus is working with a diversion at washington boulevard due to construction, the 11, 40, 55 buses diverted. the 77 northbound with a diversion at hill time and commons and the 51 taking a diversion at pratt. light rail, metro, subway, and mark all running on time. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >>> here's the latest. there's going to be a meeting to help decide what will be held next. sit down with coastal parish officials. >> and federal officials asking if the oil spill in michigan's river may top 1 millio
in our direction. we've got two systems from opposite sides that will merge right here across maryland. that will spell out hefty rains tonight and tomorrow. we begin to see the chance of showers and storms popping up going for the two degree guaranteed high of 92. the showers and storms that start to develop this evening become more widespread tomorrow. more on that coming up. right now, 5:10. here's kim brown. >>> we have police activity in ferndale. also some water main break issues persisting in baltimore city. westbound pulaski highway continues to be closed. they are still working on the water main break repair. not affecting your drive time so far. no problems southbound. 95 southbound running well three minutes from the beltway to the split. now only five minutes from the split right now. as we look around the area, traffic moving very well at sandy point. you won't find any problems headed towards 495 and 95. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> all right. the latest now on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. a blimp owned by a company here in maryland will fly over the area s
by the university of maryland center for environmental science will be the first of its kind, focusing on microorganisms and help researchers gain a better understanding of the environment in which crabs and oysters and other key commercial species live. >>> the president just told us last week he wants to see hiv down 25%. to do this 15 churches in baltimore will turn into hiv and aids testing sites today. abc2 news linda so with what this means. good morning. >> reporter: it means that anyone can visit any one of the 15 designated sites throughout the city to get free hiv testing today. part of an initiative to get people in baltimore tested and to provide care for those diagnosed. this morning hundreds of volunteers will go door to door to let the people know where their nearest testing site is. the goal is to get at least 2,000 people to show up. baltimore has one of the highest infection rates in the country. 15,000 people are living with hiv./aids in the city and it's believed another 9,000 don't even know they have the disease because they have not been tested yet. congressman e
there was one in maryland in quebec. it's not unusual, but we will be checking on that. >>> now, we have the heat and we have the humidity. it's going to be uncomfortable. the humidity is going to make it feel like it's over 100 degrees. we will be checking on the information regarding the ertz quake, but let's check the traffic right now. >> fortunately, no accidents or incidentsçó. on the topside of the outer loop, down the beltway down to the northern parkway. traffic is moving well around the area. outer loop is looking good. traffic is flowing freely in both directions. megan and jamie? >> registry of convicted animal users. wait until you hear from those for and against the idea. >> and the latest iphone, apple responds. >> ♪ hey, look, it's grandma! e counart pro? bring it. [ female annw bounty. the bounty withpa ltle extra softss. leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. and it's really durable. so all that's left behind are the smiles. new bounty extra st. and try bounty napkins. 5:14 right now. expected to draw hundreds of thousands of visiters. the free bu
. the recent extreme heat is to blame for six deaths so far in maryland. on abc2news.com, you can search for code red. coming up at 6:30. how the scorching heat can affect your kids and how the hot weather can make them sick. linda so, abc2 news. >> you can track the weather to your own neighborhood. log on to abc2news.com where you can also check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> 5:00. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire that forced dozens of people from their homes this holiday weekend. let's go to woodlawn. we're out here in this apartment complex. it's on diamond ridge road and a county fire spokesman says 16 apartments in the building were damaged, 30 had to be evacuated and many are them are told they will have to find another place to live. >>> people in a parkville apartment complex had to be evacuated after a car slammed into their building. this is a picture from the scene. the incident happened around 1:00 saturday morning at the kennel worth apartments. a spokesman says you can't tell why the white lexus lost control. drowsy neighbors had t
at the 6,000 block of radicky avenue. >>> one of money magazine's top areas to live, right here in maryland. columbia and ellicott city rated number two. it's the only spot in the mid atlantic region to make the top 20. >> the combination of ellicott city and columbia means that we have a great place, great quality of life and now the rest of the country knows what we have known all along. >> gaithersburg ranked 25. rockville came in at 31. the list will be announced next month in money magazine. >>> it's 5:06 and day 85 of the oil spill and bp is testing a new cap. >> i'm emily smith in washington. this is a big day in the gulf of mexico. as everyone waits to see if this could be the beginning of the end of the oil spill. that story is coming up. >> we have an inch of rain, and there's more on the way. let me show you what's going on right now. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar. those red, heavier rain coming down an inch an hour. looking at that, and then check out some of these temperatures as we go through this morning. manchester at 71. and mount arie coming in at 70
of maryland. >>> a maryland department human resources employee is on administrative leave accused of posting the social security numbers and other personal information to more than 3,000 clients to the internet. officials are now investigating. if you are a dhr client and you want to find out if your privacy has been compromised, we want to help you out. so go to our website by going to abc2news.com. go to the news tap and click on state. >>> we have a consumer alert for you this morning. it involves checking your freezer. purdue is recalling 91,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. they found small pieces of blue plastic in the nuggets t involved the 1.13-ounce bag of fully cooked chicken nuggets with the best if used by june 9th, 2011. >>> the cap on the well continues to drip. but will it hold under pressure? >>> could 4,000 bathtubs full of mud stop the leak? >>> before you go anywhere, stay with us because justin is here with a look at your morning forecast. >>> we got 77 degrees outside. we have another hot, sticky day and more storms possible this afternoon. as we turn the humidity down we'l
. >> frederick maryland is up there were needle california for the hottest in the nation yesterday. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> 5:02 right now, if you're looking for a way to cool off, baltimore has announced that city pools will stay open later today and tomorrow, city pools will be open until 9:00. >>> the still is opening more cooling centers, bringing the total to 15. it was five yesterday. nearly 1,000 people visited the cooling centers earlier this year. the baltimore fire department is staffing additional medic units to handle all the calls they've seen. >>> did you see money coming out of your register yesterday? our utility bills will take a hit. bge expects electricity usage to break a record this year. the company offers this tip to save money. for every degree you raise your thermostat above 72, you can trim cooling costs 5 to 7%. >>> abc2 news is working for you this morning to help keep you cool and also help you save money. a new law went into effect this year and it'll be all about your air conditioner. linda sow explains what you need to be aware
times this morning, no issues on the jfx northern parkway down to maryland avenue. only a five-minute ride. 95 southbound, three minutes from the beltway to the split. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> we start right off the bat again this morning with breaking news out of norway where authorities say they have stopped a bombing plot similar to the one in new york and england. agents have arrested three suspected al-qaeda members in oswell this morning. officials say it's not clear yet whether the men had selected a target for the attacks, but there were attempted to make peroxide bombs. >>> one minute after 5:00 right now. no doubt about it, you're brave if you've been outside the last few days. some of you have taken the kids to the park and despite the triple digit temperature, how hot is the slide or teeter-totter at double rock. parents need to know certain things about the playground equipment. >> we've been using the temperature gun all week3u to sw how hot things are getting. right now it shows about 83 degrees. we took it to a playground yesterday to check the equipmen
transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> at 5:11, we have temperatures into the 70s this morning. another muggy morning. that's going to take us into the afternoon, which will be a hazy, hot, and humid afternoon. let's go to our weather net sites. the temperatures are into the up every 60s towards our western suburbs to 74 as you make your way closer to the city limits. elsewhere, we are into the 70s down to the dc land. still 76 degrees at the 5:00 hour. dew points are the biggest story, though, in the weather headlines, where the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is going to make it feel oppressive. humidity levels keeping those numbers above 90 degrees. we'll talk more about your seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. kim brown. >> thanks a lot, mike. they are working with that broken water main in ellicott city that has old columbia pike closed. that is going to remain closed throughout the remainder of today. one crash, 895 southbound, they are in the process of getting that cleare
of maryland. >> we need the extreme makeover team in here. as part of the ground breaking, a tree was planted in honor of jayden. >>> a second train fatality. a man was found dead on the track at the boyd's train station around 8:15 last night. witnesses say that he was struck by a train. on sunday afternoon, officials found a man's body near the kensington mark station. >>> police are searching for two suspects in the abduction of a woman from her home. officers found shari ann yesterday afternoon. they also nabbed the suspect 26- year-old roy thomas. he's one of three men accused in the crime. the three suspects were involved in an altercation at sherry lane's home early yesterday morning, in which lane was taken from the home. >>> it's 5:05, in our democracy 2010 report, you know this is going to come right down to the wire. a new gonzales poll is out showing martin o'malley. if you take in the margin of error, it's a toss up. gonzalez called registered voters who are most likely to vote in november. the poll was conducted two months ago. both candidates have a chance to win this thing in
the sun comes out. just get set for a downright beautiful day in maryland. let's go to the m.t.a. at 5:08. >>> good morning. out there right now, you'll find a five to ten-minute delay. be aware of that on your travels at the m.a.r.c. train system. no delays. on the brunswick lines, 872 and 894 are canceled. you'll find a diversion at hollins ferry due to construction. 11, and 55 a diversion as well due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> all right. it's 5:11. we are taking a look at the headlines, which basically is all about the niceness. it is darn good this morning. we've got ourselves a clear sky, cool breeze. we've got a drop in the humidity. as we go towards the weekend, saturday should be dry. sunday turns away. getting away to the beach a little early. you should be in fine shape this morning. ocean city start as 74. it's 66 in easton but back here in baltimore at 72 degrees, you'll notice the clear skies. we are expecting a high temperature, the two degree guarantee of 86 with a mostly sunny sky and nice cool breeze. right now it is 5:12. let's go
combined. >>> state officials are looking for a cause of a fish kill at deep creek lake. maryland's department of the environment says about 200 fish have. found dead at the lake. mde officials said there's really no evidence and investigators are focusing on a deeper portion of the lake because of the size of the fish found. mde says there's no evidence to the threat of human health but people are advised to avoid contact of the dead fish. >>> cameras rolling as a helicopter goes down in nevada and the mountains. we'll hear from people who saw everything. >>> a tropical storm bonnie moves in as ships move identify. we'll have more on what's ahead coming up. >>> we will track tropical storm bonnie coming up and also talking about our heat wave. here we are at 5:06 and 74 degrees. humidity comes back with the onslaught of heat through the weekend. >>> right now, let's go to the mta and check out mark jones. good morning. >> good morning. the number 33 bus is diverted due to construction and the number 51 working with a diversion in the area of pulaski and pratt. light rail look
of maryland. >> these people are dedicated. we're hoping in our lifetime or let's say my lifetime we find a cure for this disease. and we don't need to do this anymore for this charity. >> there he is, in his 15th year the event has raised more than $1 million. great event yesterday. >> you were out there for a while. it was hot. >> cam can play. >> can he? >>> let's turn it to justin berk. you hear anything more about kent county? >> no, but we're still waiting for you. if you have pictures of the storms that blew through chestertown between 8:30, 9:00 last night please send them to morningshow@wmar.com. we would like to share them with the viewers. storms this morning off the coast. we have another batch come into the mountains. this could be -- could be trying to hit us around lunchtime, otherwise looking for a day that is warm and sticky. 75 in baltimore. 73 easton. 78 ocean city. we will have ourselves another humid day with showers and thunderstorms. again, we could have spotty showers lunchtime. it's really going to be this afternoon with the best chance of storms that could turn s
into northern maryland. 73 reisterstown. carney 75. same story on the eastern shore in chester town. we dropped the humidity a little bit there. storms blew through overnight. we'll be dealing with mostly sunny sky today. still keep with the 90-degree trend. at least it'll fill a little more tolerable. here's kim with a check on traffic. >> traffic not so yucky at this early hour. couple minor incidents at this time, harbor tunnel thruway. southbound past the lombard street exit. emergency road work blocking the right lane and shoulder. we're working a minor crash at route 175, police on the scene of a crash off to the right shoulder as well. 795 looking good. route 140 down to owings mills boulevard. traffic still very light on the beltway on the northeast corner, harford road. 83 southbound moving well. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> hey listen: it's all part of baltimore 's history. >> after 70 years of movie premiers, red carpet walks and movie stars, the marque is dark at the center theater, bit the big question is for how long? [ fema announcer ] fac when paikeeps you up, nothing is pr
. there is the number to call for the maryland sca. you can see more with the fireworks, dogs run off. we see a lot of lost animals, so it's best to keep them inside during those fireworks. the noise is loud, and they are very sensitive to it. if you want to muffle the noise for them, turn on a tv a radio. give them a toy to distract them. >> right now, she is watching tv. >> good advice. don't forget about papaya. there you go. she is up for adoption. that would be a great birthday present for alieen gabby. >> lap you are special to us and you are very dedicated. on a special birthday, you came back to celebrate with with us. >> you need to pick up a six pack like the other. >> don't forget about papaya. how cute is she? >> write the number and give them a call. /zi >> good day at the pool, nice festivity for the weekend evenings, but look at monday. higher humidity is coming in and very high 90s, and we have chances of yjqstrong thunderstorms. yuck. 5:45. let's go to new york right now, amé÷get tech bites. >> google will be a player in the online travel. they have agreed to be a part of the n
accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most powerful radar. >> we have a code red, just like yesterday, meaning there is elevated air pollution levels, and you need to limit the activity that you are doing. we have heat advisories for all of the counties here in the red. it goes in effect on noon and lingers until 7:00 on wednesday. highs came in at 100 degrees from baltimore to richmond today, i am forecasting at 101. and if that happens, we will be tying a record. we are dealing with record setting temperatures. right now, it's 77 in to richmond. pittsburgh, 71 degrees. the satellite radar is picking up on what it has. we have the deep and intriguing ridge, nothing is blocking it. we are going to see in time the upper level low from the cape code area there. you are going to see more of the forecast in wednesday night and thursday morning where we have the moisture coming in. we are looking forward to that. but we are not looking at the temperatures today. it's going to be hot, humid, and tonight, not much better. tomorrow, you will -- you thought today is bad, i'm forecasting 102 fo
accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> let's check out our local temperatures on our storm center weathernet in baltimore county. we have ourselves, at least the white marsh perry hall area, 73 degrees this morning. humidity 84%. see the dew point, 68? that was down into the low 60s year-to-year. that made the difference, once you start increasing the dew point temperature, you're increasing the true moisture in the air. it feels warmer than it did yesterday morning. 74 in baltimore. really hard pressed to find the 60s until you head into the mountains. york, pennsylvania, 66. eastern shore, hanging at 77 in easton. we're looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies around the bay into the eastern shore. we'll call it a partly sunny day. 91 as our two-degree guarantee. we'll have isolated storms during the day. >> can you believe in montgomery county they have dozens of traffic lights out. silver spring area, wheaton, bethesda, gaithersburg. 29 southbound at tech road. as we look around the baltimore metro and check our drive times, not too many issues
than 90,000 customers across the beltway. >>> good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. incredible stories and video. we all saw something last night, whether it was lightning, rain or thunder. >> yesterday's storms left thousands without power. >> nearly 40,000 people are without power. many in anne arundel, baltimore county and baltimore city. if you need to report an outage, here's the number to call: before we get to the other stories of the day, let's get right to meteorologist justin berk. justin. >> we look at pictures from yesterday, trees came crashing down, gunpowder state park. this was the storm that blew through between 3:30 and 4:00. powerful winds causing trees to snap in half, like tooth picks. it's amazing when you get 60 to 70-mile-per-hour winds in the right direction. what it can do to older, large more mature trees. all it takes is to be underneath one tree that snaps the wrong direction to have that turn fatal. we had one fatality in beltsville yesterday. we check uh, look alternate some of the temperatures this morning, ills notice, we're
. darlington .6/ of an inch, we saw heavy rain across the area. here's maryland's most powerful radar. let's take one quick look. that's the rain from last night, overspreading area from the i-95 corridor, all the way up into the city. see that swath from one to as much as two inches of rain. downtown over towson. northern sections of baltimore city. rainfall rates from an inch to two inches of rain. just north of columbia, almost two inches of rain. heavy rain out there. we're expecting showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. let's send it to new york where we have tech tips. >> reporter: consumer reports keeps the heat on apple. a blog says it's apple's responsibility to fix the iphone's antenna problem at no extra costs to consumers. they say they can't recommend the iphone 4. some want apple to recall the device but analysts say the company may ignore them. >>> netflix is facing competition on the ipad. a new service is offering another way to stream movies on the device. a new company claims they load the movies faster than netfli
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